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News - October 26, 2011

 New Sub Arc welding system proving to be excellent addition to our shop




ASME Pressure Vessels

The quality standards that are found in all of our products

Founded in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia in 1856, I Matheson and Company has been in business longer than Canada has been a nation.  Origionally we manufactured boilers to power ships and heat factories. It was a natural progression to start manufacturing ASME pressure vessels when the demand for this type of certified vessel originated.

We have become a leader in the manufacture of ASME pressure vessels and  we are well known for our ability to make custom ASME pressure vessels that meet our customer's requirements and specifications.  We have manufactured pressure vessels for satisfied customers in Canada, United States, Russia and many other countries and regions throughout the world.  

The quality standards required for ASME certified pressure vessels are present in our many other custom products, which include non-coded storage tanks, Scotch Marine Wetback boilers, Scotch Marine Dryback boilers, Firebox boilers and numerous other custom fabricated metal products.

If you are looking for quality products, competitive pricing and on time delivery, you should be talking to us.  We have vast experience working with companies in the following industry sectors: Oil and Gas, Power Generation, Refridgeration, Water Treatment, Fire Protection, Heating and Compressed Air.

If your industry was not listed in these groups, remember, we are a fabricator and we can produce the products for many different types of projects.

To learn more about how we can be of service to your organization, please click on the product or service listed below that interests you.


 Contact us today by phone (902) 752.2521, request a quote by attaching your drawings to our RFQ form or obtain more information by using our convenient contact form.  We will be pleased to respond to your requirements.


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